martedì 21 settembre 2010

"I am who I am" by Infantellina Contemporary Berlin

25 september - 30 oktober 2010

25 september - 30 october 2010

" I am who I am "
Exceptional event for I-C : for first time only not-italian artists will expone.
Jeff Chies (Brazil)
Domino (Germany)
Hilary J. England (U.S.A.)
Josef Karl (Germany)
Anita Keckeis (Austria)
Jiinaun Kim -alias Sinn(South-Korea)
Andras Markos (Rumania)
Hans Peter Schmidt (Germany)
Ivor Sias (South-Africa)

Vernissage (by invitation only) 25 september starting 6 p.m.

Infantellina Contemporary Berlin has great pleasure inviting you to our next exhibition titled ”I am who Iam” from the 25th September till the 30th October 2010, situated in the heart of the city near the historically well known Gendarmenmarkt.

This event will for the first time in the history of Infantellina Contemporary be presenting international non-Italian artists. Each artist will introduce the guests to his or her work explaining their modus operandi. The realm within which an artist creates or develops his or her work of art extend beyond the geographical boundaries whether coming from Brazil, U.S.A. Rumania, Germany, Korea, Lichtenstein or South Africa.
The participating artists are:

JEFF CHIES. Jeff is a painter and photographer from Brazil who has exhibited in his native country and internationally with great acclaim in Argentina, U.S.A., the United Kingdom and in Europe. He is greatly inspired by great past masters such as Henri Matisse.

DOMINO: An artist appreciated internationally for many years for her unconventional works combining irony, a profound philosophical content with a lightness in the use of her chosen evocative elements with the intention of making the impossible tangible.

HILLARY J ENGLAND an American artist representing American impressionism using everyday imagery which go beyond tonal paintings laying bare the intimate with evocative light rich in association with a real sense of honesty and sincerity.

JOSEF KARL we could compare to Oliviero Toscani with his personal selection of interpretations and choice of subject matter. His choice of protagonists are extreme representations of a society divided by perversions and everyday banality placed in paradoxical unimaginable situations. Hidden worlds emerge showing their dark and secret sides which are at the most of times highly disturbing.

ANITA KECKEIS is a refined designer from Austria who since years have created exquisite objects of desire that adorn the necks that are almost always vulnerably exposed. These works are precious objects of art that seem like evanescent butterflies that clothe, adorn and taunt in invitational softness.

JIINAUN KIM (alias Sinn) collects, wages a battle, and embraces the contradictions of her native Korea in her big size steel pieces. With her small, tiny body revealing an unexpected strength, she scratches and digs fantastic figures out of huge steel plates infusing them with imagery reflective of our frenetic twenty first century, rendering their interpretation redolent of her traditional cultural background, marrying this with those of western culture.

ANDRAS MARKOS from Rumania explores what it means “making art today” combining his excellent professional and classical experience, leaving the viewer to freely interact, enrich or critique the works in question proposing an evolutionary interpretation of casual choice of materials derived from suspending the emotional, involving collective participation.

HANS PETER SCHMIDT, a success product from the well-known (HdK, Hochschule der Künste) or Fine Art Faculty of the University of Berlin and co-founder of a well- established design company, since years producing huge canvas paintings with images of supreme lightness and transparency or dense, desired and disturbing passions based in solid certainty and confidence, leaving with their direct freshness traces of a counter position of the intimate.

IVOR SIAS a South African born artist gathers in his work his diverse cultural background experiences and impressions. A global artist, a nomad with restless journeys undertaken he has collected a treasury of associations which reflect his highly personal style and whereby the viewer is drawn into or provoked to get closer to levels of scenes mentally or perceived through the various layers represented on his canvas scenarios.

sabato 13 marzo 2010

"Italian Photography" bei Infantellina Contemporary Berlin

Infantellina Contemporary, die erste und einzige Berliner Galerie, die 100 % italienische Kunst präsentiert, zeigt vom 27. Februar. 2010 bis 27.März 2010 die Ausstellung " ITALIAN PHOTOGRAPHY " mit : Mirko Angeli, Cesare Bedogné, Federico Caporal, Mirko LaMonaca, Mauro Maffina, Mauro Martin, Stefania Natta, Svetlana Ostapovici, Virginia Panichi, Pommefritz (Duo), Veronica Rastelli, Luciano Usai, Marta Valls.
Special guest: Rocio Perez Vallejo.
Performance "Pinhole Beta Camera" von Federico Caporal während der Vernissage.
Die Vernissage beginnt am 27. Februar 2010 um 18 Uhr.

I-C präsentiert ihre erste Ausstellung, die ausschließlich Italienischer Fotografie gewidmet ist.
Die Ausstellung zeigt die 15 wichtigsten Talenten, welche auf höchstem Niveau arbeiten und hierdurch das Interesse Italienischer und internationaler Sammler auf sich ziehen.
Mirko Angeli, der mittels seiner Personen Geschichten des täglichen
Lebens erzählt, Cesar Bedogné mit seinen intimen und melancholischen Landschaften, Federico Caporal, der älteste und modernste Fotografie-Technik vereint, Mirko LaMonaca, der uns Einhalt gebiet mittels seiner, manuell verfremdeten, Stadtansichten, Mauro Maffina mit seinen – gelegentlich verspielten, dann wieder tief-philosophischen – Deformationen und Transformationen, Stefania Natta mit ihren wunderbaren Bilderserien über das Leben in Kambodscha, Svetlana Ostapovici und ihre kraftvollen – zuweilen heftigen – Bilder aufgetürmter Materialien, irginia Panichi und ihre Portraits, die wie Jagdtrophäen erscheinen, Pommefritz (Max Boschini and Mauro Manuini) auf ihrer fortwährenden Suche in den Dörfern der Po-Ebene nach Elemten, welche noch leben und vor leben „schwitzen”, Veronica Rastelli, die einer inneren Notwendigkeit folgend, sich mittels Räumen und Bewegungen ausdrückt, Luciano Usai mit seinen Veröffentlichungen, welche die Essenz von Tanzbewegungen heraus arbeiten, Marta Valls mit der evozierenden Tiefe ihrer Ausarbeitungen, Rocio Perez Vallejo, welcher mit Witz und Sensibilität in einer absolut lateinamerikanischen Art uns die Details des täglichen Lebens näher bringt.
Diese Ausstellung laesst den Betrachter mittels einer aussergewoehnlichen Demonstration des Blickpunktes in Welten eintauchen, erfuellt von Bedeutungen und Gefühlen, erschaffen durch individuelle Elaborationen der Realitaet.

Taubenstraße 20 – 22 (am Gendarmenmarkt)
10117 Berlin
T: 0049(0)30-92210407
Di-Sa 14-19 Uhr und n.V
Infantellina Contemporary [I]-[C]ist die erste Addresse, in Berlin, für italienische gegenwärtige Kunst.

Beginning on 27th February 2010 to 27th March 2010, Infantellina Contemporary, the first and only Berlin gallery featuring 100% Italian art, will present the exhibition " Italian Photography" featuring the artists:

Mirko Angeli, Cesare Bedogné, Federico Caporal, Mirko LaMonaca, Mauro Maffina, Mauro Martin, Stefania Natta, Svetlana Ostapovici, Virginia Panichi, Pommefritz (Duo), Veronica Rastelli, Luciano Usai, Marta Valls.
Special guest: Rocio Perez Vallejo.
Performance "Pinhole Beta Camera" by Federico Caporal during the vernissage.
Vernissage starts at 6 p.m., 27th of February 2010

I-C presents the first exhibition entirely dedicated to Italian photography.
The exhibition shows the 15 most important talents, working on the highest level of contemporary photography and thus attracting Italian as well as international collectors.
Mirko Angeli who through his personages tells stories of common life, Cesar Bedogné with his intimate and melancholic landscapes, Federico Caporal who unites ancient and modern technique, Mirko LaMonaca who stops us with his metropolitan views retouching details manually, Mauro Maffina with his - sometimes playful, sometimes deeply philosophical - deformations and transformations, Stefania Natta with her wonderful Cambodian series, Svetlana Ostapovici and her powerful and impetuous images of assembled materials, Virginia Panichi and her heads looking like hunting trophies, Pommefritz (Max Boschini and Mauro Manuini) in the continuous search of those elements that are still alive and sweating in the abandoned villages of the Po Plain, Veronica Rastelli with her necessity for spaces and movements, Luciano Usai with releases that show the essence of dance-movements, Marta Valls with the – evocative deepness - of her elaborations, Rocio Perez Vallejo with wit and sensibility, absolutely Latin, proposing details associated with the common life. As an extraordinary demonstration of “points of view” this exhibition introduces the spectator to dip into atmospheres full of meanings and emotions through personal studies of reality.

Taubenstraße 20 – 22 (am Gendarmenmarkt)
10117 Berlin
T: 0049(0)30-92210407
Tu-Sa 2-7 p.m. and by Appointment
Infantellina Contemporary [I]-[C] is the first address, in Berlin, for all collectors loving italian contemporary and emerging art.

Dal 27 Febbraio 2010 al 27 Marzo 2010 , Infantellina Contemporary, la prima e unica galleria berlinese a presentare 100% arte italiana contemporanea, inaugura l'esposizione collettiva " ITALIAN PHOTOGRAPHY ", con :Mirko Angeli, Cesare Bedogné, Federico Caporal, Mirko LaMonaca, Mauro Maffina, Mauro Martin, Stefania Natta, Svetlana Ostapovici, Virginia Panichi, Pommefritz (Duo), Veronica Rastelli, Luciano Usai, Marta Valls.
Special guest: Rocio Perez Vallejo.
Performance "Pinhole Beta Camera" di Federico Caporal nel corso del vernissage.

Il vernissage inizia alle ore 18.

I-C presenta la prima mostra interamente dedicata alla Fotografia italiana. In primo piano gli universi presentati da 15 validissimi talenti che, con le proprie opere rappresentano i/le fotografi/e italiani/e che oggi catalizzano l´attenzione e l´interesse
di collezionisti italiani ed internazionali.
Mirko Angeli che attraverso i suoi personaggi racconta storie di vita comune,Cesare Bedogné con i suoi paesaggi intimi e malinconici,Federico Caporal che sposa tecniche antiche e moderna tecnica, Mirko LaMonaca che ferma con i suoi scatti particolari metropolitani apportando retouchè manuali,Mauro Maffina con le sue deformazioni e trasformazioni talvolta ludiche talvolta profondamente filosofiche, Stefania Natta con i suoi splendidi scatti cambogiani, Svetlana Ostapovici con le sue potenti e sferzanti immagini di assemblamenti materici, Virginia Panichi con i suoi personaggi impagliati come trofei di caccia, Pommefritz (Max Boschini e Mauro Manuini) nella continua ricerca di quanto ancora trasuda e vive negli abbandonati casolari della Pianura Padana, Veronica Rastelli con le sue necessitá di spazi e movimenti, Luciano Usai con scatti che colgono l’essenza del movimento della danza, Marta Valls con la profonditá evocativa delle sue elaborazioni, Rocio Perez Vallejo con arguzia e sensibilitá assolutamente latina propone particolari carpiti alla vita comune.
Un ventaglio straordinario di “punti di vista” che attraverso lo studio della realtá ed elaborazioni personali invita lo spettatore ad immergersi in atmosfere pregne di significati ed emozioni.

Taubenstraße 20 – 22 (am Gendarmenmarkt)
10117 Berlin
T: 0049(0)30-92210407
Ma-Sa 14-19 e per appuntamento
Infantellina Contemporary [I]-[C] è la galleria di riferimento, a Berlino, per tutti gli amanti dell'arte contemporanea italiana.